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Day 1: Health Linkages

SESSION 1: Health and Disease in an Interconnected World
chaired by Yuping Hua (NFU) and Robert Cook (WCS)


Introductions (available on Day 1 page)


One World, One Health: The Value of
Interdisciplinary, Public, and Private Partnerships
Billy Karesh (WCS/IUCN)


Drivers of Emerging and Re-emerging Diseases
in the Modern World
Jim Newcomb (bio-era)
Q&A with Dr. Newcomb available on Day 1 page


Conservation Medicine:
New Health and Interdisciplinary Concepts

Shuyi Zhang (IOZ)


The Wildlife Trade:
What do we know about the movement of wild animals?

Craig Kirkpatrick (TRAFFIC)


Session 1 Panel Discussion (available on Day 1 page)



SESSION 2: Understanding Emerging Disease Threats:
What Have We Learned?
chaired by Zhiliang Wang (MOA) and Jim Newcomb (bio-era)


Infectious Disease Control and Public Health –
Global Lessons on Collaboration

Ali Khan (CDC, US)


Infectious Diseases and the Wildlife Trade: Missing Links
Robert Cook (WCS)


Animal Industry Developments in China
and Improvements in Animal Health

Xijun Yan (CAAS)


Protecting the Health of Livestock, Humans, and Wildlife:
An Industry Perspective on Partnerships

Dave Harlan (Cargill)


Session 2 Panel Discussion (available on Day 1 page)



SESSION 3: Global Disease Monitoring and Response:
What's Working, What's Needed, and How to Collaborate
chaired by Yongcheng Li (SFA) and Craig Kirkpatrick (TRAFFIC)


Disease Transmission and the Importance
of Improving Disease Investigation

Yuping Hua (NFU)


Global Wildlife Disease Monitoring Programs
Dr. Martin Gilbert (WCS)


Development of Comprehensive
Vector Surveillance Systems in China

Qiyong Liu (CCDCP)


Ways of Sharing Disease Information
Jack Woodall (Pro-Med)


Session 3 Panel Discussion (available on Day 1 page)

Day 2: Health Linkages – Focus of Avian Influenza


Recap of Day 1; Introduction to Day 2
Xie Yan (WCS/IOZ)

SESSION 4: Avian Influenza – Monitoring and Response Networks
that Work for the Future
chaired by Shuyi Zhang (IOZ) and Jack Woodall (Pro-Med)


Avian Influenza and Wild Birds Conservation
Fumin Lei (Institute of Zoology, CAS)


The Need for Linking with Public Health
Xiyan Xu (CDC, US)


Wild Bird Migration: General Concepts
Colin Poole (WCS)


Wild Bird Migration with a Focus on China
Kelin Chen (Wetlands International)


Wild Ducks and Bird Flu in Jiangsu Wetland
Rong Mei Fei and Chengping Lu (NAU)


Case Study: Report About the Status of AI Prevention
and Control at Qinghai Lake

Yubang He (QHLNR)


Morning Panel Discussion (available on Day 2 page)



SESSION 5: Other Wildlife Diseases that Impact
People and Livestock
chaired by Diqiang Li (SFA) and Dave Harlan (Cargill)


Marmata himalayana natural Focus of plague
on Qingzang Plateau

Zuyun Wang
(Qinghai Provincial Institute for Endemic Disease Control)


Qinghai-xizang Plateau Marmota himalayana Plague Epidemic Area
Hongjian Chen (LDCDI)


Role of Zoos on Wildlife Diseases Study
Mark Schrenzel (San Diego Zoo)


The Research Development of Trichinellosis in China
Mingxi Song (NAU)


Transmission Control of Schistosomiasis japonica:
implementation and Evaluation of Different Snail Control Interventions

Xingjian Xu (HAU)


The Study of Selected Infectious Diseases
from Captive Red Pandas in China

Qin Qin (IOZ)


Afternoon Panel Discussion (available on Day 2 page)



Day 3: Break-out Work Groups

3 Topics:

– How to create formal structures and mechanism that link human, domestic animal, and wildlife health efforts, including both private and public sector efforts

– How to enhance information exchange and sharing among public and private organizations, nationally, regionally, and internationally

– Prospects for disease management: What do we need to better prevent and manage emerging infectious diseases?

Discussion, final group reports and summary

Press Conference


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