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Conservation Perspective
Dr. Joel Berger

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About Dr. Joel Berger

Joel Berger, DVM
Wildlife Conservation Society - North American Program
Teton Field Office
Moose, Wyoming

Joel Berger did his graduate work at the University of Colorado, spent 7 years as a Smithsonian Institution Research Fellow, and then spent 16 years as a professor at the University of Nevada. He has published three scholarly books and more than 100 scientific papers. His studies of rhinos, caribou, and khulan have taken him from Greenland to Mongolia and from Africa to Alaska. Joel has worked with a wide variety of mammals that vary in size from elephants to porcupines. His publications include topics that range from the expanding distributions of grizzly bears and wolves to synchronized reproduction in bison, from sex ratios and the behavior of fossil mammals to the inadequacy of the science as a way to protect long distance migration, and from moose responses to ravens and tigers to similarities and differences between human and non-human hunters. He has worked with WCS since 1990 and currently serves as a senior scientist.


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